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Investment Philosophy

My objective is to ensure my clients own conservative, balanced portfolios that allow for preservation of capital and measured growth in a tax efficient manner. 

My investment philosophy is centered around the following core beliefs:

  • I believe that people deserve honesty, transparency and objectivity from their investment advisor. I provide the leadership that clients want and    deserve by helping clients achieve a balance between consumption and deferred consumption (investing).
  • I believe outcome-oriented investing that focuses on achieving and realizing a long term goal is the benchmark measure of success.  
  • I believe markets are inefficient, therefore clients deserve access to professional, pension-style investment management.  
  • I believe that behavioral finance matters. I believe I can help clients avoid the pitfalls associated with emotional investing through education    and the implementation of a disciplined process.
  • I believe a disciplined approach to investment management is the best method to balancing the opposing forces of risk, return, cost and taxes

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